Arizona Revised Statutes § 16-561 Examination Of Machines On Election Day

16-561. Examination of machines on election day

A. The keys to the voting machine shall be delivered to the judges at least one-half hour before the time set for opening the polls in a sealed envelope on which shall be written or printed:

1. The number and location of the voting machine.

2. The number of the seal.

3. If provided with a protective counter, the number registered on the counter as reported by the voting machine custodian.

B. The envelope containing the keys shall not be opened until the election officers of the district have examined the envelope to see that it has not been opened, and they shall further ascertain that the number registered on the protective counter and the numbers on the seals with which the machine is sealed correspond with the numbers written on the envelope containing the keys. If the envelope has been torn open, or if the numbers do not correspond, or any other discrepancy is found, the election officers shall immediately acquaint the voting machine official or other authorized person with the facts, who shall present himself at the polling place for the purpose of reexamining the machine and shall certify that it is properly arranged.

C. If the numbers on the seals and the protective counter are found to correspond with the numbers on the envelope, the judges shall then open the door concealing the counters and carefully examine every counter to see that it registers zero and shall also allow the watchers to examine them. If the machines are equipped with a device or devices for printing or photographing the count as shown on the candidate and amendment counters, it shall not be necessary to expose the counter compartment of such machines, unless the photographed or printed count is found illegible, in which case the judges of the election shall be privileged to open the counter compartment to verify the count. The judges of elections shall take the necessary steps to obtain a record showing that all counters are set at zero. This record shall be retained by the election officials until the time for challenging the results of each particular election has expired. The judges shall then sign and post in a prominent place at the polls a certificate showing:

1. The delivery of the keys in a sealed envelope.

2. The number on the seal.

3. The numbers registered on the protective counter.

4. That all counters are set at zero.

5. That the ballot labels are properly placed in the machine.

D. If any counter is found not to register zero the judges of the election shall immediately notify the proper official who shall, if practicable, adjust the counters at zero, but if it is impracticable for the official to arrive in time to adjust the counters before the time set for opening the polls, the judges shall immediately make a written statement of the designating letter and number of the counter together with the number registered thereon and shall sign and post the statement upon the wall of the polling place where it shall remain throughout election day. In filling out the statement of tally the judges shall subtract such number from the number then registered on the counter.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016