Arizona Revised Statutes § 16-563 Posting Sample Ballots, Instruction Cards And Notice To Voters Before Opening Polls

16-563. Posting sample ballots, instruction cards and notice to voters before opening polls

Before opening the polls the inspector of election shall direct the following postings:

1. One of the sample ballots provided for in section 16-510, one of the cards of instructions provided for in section 16-513 and one of the " Right to vote a provisional ballot" notices provided for in section 16-513.01 in plain view in the room where the ballots are cast. At least one other sample ballot, card of instruction and " Right to vote a provisional ballot" notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place in and around the polling place.

2. Three seventy-five foot limit notices approximately seventy-five feet in different directions from the main outside entrance being used by voters to enter the building in which the election is being held.

3. In each voting booth, a notice to voters provided in section 16-514 at general elections only.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016