Arizona Revised Statutes Title 20 - Insurance

Article 1 Scope of Title

Article 2 Administrative Officers and Procedures

Article 3 Mandated Health Coverage

Article 4 Payment of Premiums

Article 1 Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements

Article 2 Kinds of Insurance; Reinsurance; Limits of Risk

Article 3 Insurance Producer Licensing

Article 3.1 Managing General Agents

Article 3.2 Adjusters

Article 3.3 Other Insurance Professionals

Article 3.4 Navigators and Certified Application Counselors

  • § 20-336 Definitions
    (Conditionally Rpld.) In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Certified application counselor" means an individual who is licensed pursuant to this...
  • § 20-336.01 Scope And Application Of Article
    (Conditionally Rpld.) A. Beginning October 1, 2014, this article applies to a person who acts or claims to be a navigator or certified application...
  • § 20-336.02 License Required
    (Conditionally Rpld.) A person may not act as or claim to be a navigator or certified application counselor unless the person is licensed pursuant...
  • § 20-336.03 Navigators; Licensing
    (Conditionally Rpld.) A. A person who applies for a navigator license shall apply to the director on a form prescribed by the director and...
  • § 20-336.04 Certified Application Counselors; Licensing
    (Conditionally Rpld.) A. An individual who applies for a certified application counselor license shall apply to the director on a form prescribed by the...
  • § 20-336.05 Enforcement; Rules
    (Conditionally Rpld.) A. The director may examine and investigate the business affairs and records of any navigator or certified application counselor to determine whether...
  • § 20-336.06 Application Of Other Laws
    (Conditionally Rpld.) To the extent permitted by this article, section 20-281, section 20-286, subsections B, C and D, sections 20-289, 20-289.01, 20-292, 20-295, 20-296,...

Article 3.5 Bail Bond Agents and Bail Recovery Agents

Article 4 Rates and Rating Organizations

Article 4.1 Open Competition Rates and Rating Organizations

Article 4.2 Compliance With Filed Rates

Article 5 Unauthorized Insurers

Article 6 Unfair Practices and Frauds

Article 7 Insurance on Collateral Security

Article 8 Insurance Holding Company Systems

Article 9 Insurance Administrators

Article 10 Reinsurance Intermediaries

Article 11 Producer Controlled Property and Casualty Insurance

  • § 20-487 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Accredited state" means a state in which the insurance department or other regulatory agency...
  • § 20-487.01 Applicability
    This article applies to licensed insurers that are domiciled in this state or are domiciled in a state that is not an accredited state...
  • § 20-487.02 Minimum Standards
    A. A controlled insurer shall not accept business from a controlling producer and a controlling producer shall not place business with a controlled insurer...
  • § 20-487.03 Disclosure
    Before the effective date of the policy, the controlling producer shall deliver written notice to the prospective insured disclosing the relationship between the producer...
  • § 20-487.04 Penalties
    A. If the director believes that a controlling producer or other person has not materially complied with this article or any rule adopted under...

Article 12 Risk-Based Capital for Insurers

Article 13 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

Article 14 Enforcement of Insurance Policies Affecting Certain Holocaust Victims

  • § 20-490 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Holocaust victim" means a person who was killed or injured or who lost real...
  • § 20-490.01 Suspension Of Limitations Period
    A. Notwithstanding any other law, a holocaust victim or the heir, assignee, beneficiary or successor of a holocaust victim who resides in this state...
  • § 20-490.02 Enforcement; Civil Penalty
    A. An insurer that fails to comply with a claim brought pursuant to this article by denying the claim on the grounds that the...

Article 1 Assets and Liabilities

Article 2 Investments

Article 3 Administration of Deposits

Article 4 Rehabilitation and Liquidation

Article 5 Separate Accounts

Article 6 Administration of Insolvency

Article 7 Administration of Life and Disability Insurance Insolvencies

  • § 20-681 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Account" means any of the three accounts established pursuant to section 20-683. 2. "...
  • § 20-682 Coverage; Limitations
    A. This article provides coverage for the policies and contracts specified in subsection B of this section to: 1. A person who, regardless of...
  • § 20-683 Life And Disability Insurance Guaranty Fund
    A. There is established in the insurance department a life and disability insurance guaranty fund. The fund shall be deposited in a depository designated...
  • § 20-684 Guaranty Fund Board; Meetings; Definition
    A. Subject to the powers of the director, the life and disability insurance guaranty fund shall be administered by a board of nine members....
  • § 20-685 Powers And Duties Of The Fund
    A. If a member insurer is an impaired insurer, the fund subject to any conditions imposed by the fund that do not impair the...
  • § 20-686 Assessments
    A. For the purpose of providing the funds necessary to carry out the powers and duties of the fund, the fund shall assess the...
  • § 20-687 Plan Of Operation
    A. The board shall submit to the director a plan of operation and any amendments necessary to assure the fair, reasonable and equitable administration...
  • § 20-688 Duties And Powers Of The Director
    A. In addition to all other duties and powers enumerated in this article, the director shall: 1. Notify the board of directors of the...
  • § 20-689 Prevention Of Impairments
    To aid in the detection and prevention of insurer impairments and insolvencies: 1. The board of directors, on majority vote, shall notify the director...
  • § 20-690 Financial Provisions
    A. Nothing in this article shall be construed to reduce the liability for unpaid assessments of the insureds of an impaired insurer or insolvent...
  • § 20-691 Examination Of The Fund; Annual Report
    The fund shall be subject to examination and regulation by the director. The board of directors shall submit to the director, not later than...
  • § 20-692 Premium Tax Offset
    A. The board shall issue to each insurer paying an assessment pursuant to this article a certificate of contribution, in a form prescribed by...
  • § 20-693 Immunity
    There shall be no liability on the part of and no cause of action of any nature shall arise against the fund or its...
  • § 20-694 Stay Of Proceedings; Reopening Default Judgments
    All proceedings in which the impaired insurer or insolvent insurer or the impaired insurer's or insolvent insurer's insured is a party in any court...
  • § 20-695 Statute Of Limitations
    With respect to the handling of claims pursuant to section 20-687 the board may by resolution provide that claims not filed within four months...

Article 8 Life and Health Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Requirements

Article 9 Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Requirements

Article 10 Audited Financial Reports

Article 1 Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers

Article 2 Reciprocal Insurers

Article 3 Hospital, Medical, Dental and Optometric Service Corporations

Article 4 Fraternal Benefit Societies

Article 7 Prepaid Dental Plan Organizations

Article 8 Lloyd's Associations

Article 9 Health Care Services Organizations

Article 10 Domestic Life and Disability Reinsurer

  • § 20-1081 Domestic Life And Disability Reinsurer
    This article applies only to domestic life and disability reinsurers.
  • § 20-1082 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Affiliated" has the same meaning prescribed in section 20-481. 2. " Credit life and...
  • § 20-1083 Law Applicable To Domestic Life And Disability Reinsurers
    A. All other provisions of this title that are not inconsistent with the provisions of this article apply to domestic life and disability reinsurers....
  • § 20-1084 Articles Of Incorporation
    A. Five or more individuals aged eighteen years or more may incorporate a domestic life and disability reinsurer. Not less than two-thirds of the...
  • § 20-1085 Capital
    A. To qualify for initial authority to transact business a domestic life and disability reinsurer shall possess and thereafter maintain minimum required capital stock...
  • § 20-1086 Surplus
    A. A life and disability reinsurer shall have on organization initial surplus in an amount not less than one-half of its minimum required capital...
  • § 20-1087 Deposits
    A. The director shall not issue a certificate of authority to any life and disability reinsurer unless the reinsurer has deposited in trust with...
  • § 20-1088 Limit Of Risk
    Domestic life and disability reinsurers may be formed, with capital and surplus as specified in sections 20-1085 and 20-1086 to accept any risk as...
  • § 20-1089 Certificates Of Authority
    A. Any domestic limited stock insurer formed and existing pursuant to section 20-708 which does not come within the provisions of section 20-708, subsection...
  • § 20-1090 Reorganization; Limitation
    Any domestic life and disability reinsurer, with appropriate powers in its articles of incorporation and with the necessary capital and surplus, and upon application...
  • § 20-1091 Transfers To This Article
    Any life and disability insurer may relinquish its authority to write policies direct and, upon application to the director, may become a life and...
  • § 20-1092 Control Of Assets; Definition
    A. The director may require that a domestic life and disability stock reinsurer designate and comply with either or a combination of the following:...
  • § 20-1093 Reciprocity
    The amount required to be deposited or placed in a trust or custodial account pursuant to section 20-1092 shall be reduced by any amount...
  • § 20-1094 Approval Of Reinsurance Agreements
    Notwithstanding section 20-732, an unaffiliated credit life and disability reinsurer shall file with the director all reinsurance agreements and amendments to which the reinsurer...
  • § 20-1094.01 Reserve Requirements
    A. An unaffiliated credit life and disability reinsurer shall secure liabilities that are assumed under a reinsurance agreement subject to approval pursuant to this...

Article 11 Service Companies

Article 12 Mechanical Reimbursement Reinsurers

Article 13 Prepaid Legal Insurance

Article 14 Captive Insurers

Article 15 Vehicle Protection Products

Article 1 In General

Article 1 Life Insurance and Annuities

Article 1.1 Replacement of Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts

Article 1.2 Annuity Disclosure

Article 1.3 Protection in Annuity Transactions

  • § 20-1243 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Annuity" means a fixed or variable annuity that is individually solicited, whether the product...
  • § 20-1243.01 Scope And Limitation Of Article
    A. This article applies to any recommendation to purchase or exchange an annuity that is made to a consumer by an insurance producer, or...
  • § 20-1243.02 Exemptions
    Unless otherwise specifically included, this article does not apply to recommendations involving: 1. Direct response solicitations if there is no recommendation based on information...
  • § 20-1243.03 Duties Of Insurers And Insurance Producers
    A. In recommending to a consumer the purchase of an annuity or the exchange of an annuity that results in another insurance transaction or...
  • § 20-1243.04 Standards For Supervision
    A. An insurer shall either assure that a system to supervise recommendations that is reasonably designed to achieve compliance with this article is established...
  • § 20-1243.05 Mitigation Of Responsibility; Director Orders
    A. The director may order: 1. An insurer to take reasonably appropriate corrective action for any consumer who is harmed by the insurer's or...
  • § 20-1243.06 Record Keeping
    A. Insurers, managing general agents, business entities and insurance producers shall maintain, or be able to make available to the director, records of the...

Article 2 Group Life Insurance and Group Annuity Contracts

Article 3 Industrial Life Insurance

Article 4 Disability Insurance

Article 5 Group and Blanket Disability Insurance

Article 7 Property Insurance

Article 8 Surety Insurance

Article 8.1 Mortgage Guaranty Insurance

  • § 20-1541 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Authorized real estate security" means either: (a) Any amortized note, bond or other evidence...
  • § 20-1542 Capital And Surplus
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall not transact the business of mortgage guaranty insurance unless: 1. If a stock insurance company, it has...
  • § 20-1543 Limitation On Geographic Concentration
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall not: 1. Insure loans secured by a single risk in excess of ten per cent of the...
  • § 20-1544 Limitation On Advertising
    A mortgage guaranty insurance company or any agent or representative of a mortgage guaranty insurance company shall not prepare or distribute or assist in...
  • § 20-1545 Limitation On Investment
    A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall not invest in notes or other evidences of indebtedness secured by mortgage or other lien upon real property....
  • § 20-1547 Mortgage Guaranty Insurance As Monoline
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurance company that anywhere transacts any class of insurance other than mortgage guaranty insurance is not eligible for the issuance...
  • § 20-1548 Underwriting Discrimination
    A. Nothing in this article shall be construed as limiting the right of any mortgage guaranty insurance company to impose reasonable requirements upon the...
  • § 20-1549 Policy Forms And Premium Rates Filed
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurer shall file all policy forms, endorsements and rates a mortgage guaranty insurer proposes to use with the director pursuant...
  • § 20-1550 Minimum Policyholder Position; Definitions
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurer shall maintain at all times a minimum policyholder position in an amount not less than the amount required by...
  • § 20-1551 Rebates, Commissions And Charges
    A. A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall not pay or cause to be paid either directly or indirectly, to any owner, purchaser, lessor, lessee,...
  • § 20-1552 Compensating Balances Prohibited
    A. Except for commercial checking accounts and normal deposits in support of an active bank line of credit, a mortgage guaranty insurance company, its...
  • § 20-1553 Conflict Of Interest
    A. If it is a member of a holding company system, a mortgage guaranty insurance company licensed to transact business in this state shall...
  • § 20-1554 Unearned Premium Reserve
    A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall compute and maintain an unearned premium reserve that is according to the method approved by the director and...
  • § 20-1555 Loss Reserve
    A mortgage guaranty insurance company shall compute and maintain adequate case basis and other loss reserves which accurately reflect loss frequency and loss severity...
  • § 20-1556 Contingency Reserve
    A. In addition to the paid in capital and surplus provided in section 20-1542 each mortgage guaranty insurer shall establish a contingency reserve after...
  • § 20-1556.01 Premium Deficiency Reserve
    If the mortgage guaranty insurance company's anticipated losses, loss adjustment expenses, commissions and other acquisition costs and maintenance costs are more than the recorded...
  • § 20-1557 Reinsurance
    A. If a mortgage guaranty insurance company obtains reinsurance from an insurance company which is properly licensed to provide such reinsurance or from an...
  • § 20-1558 Miscellaneous Reserves
    A. If the laws of any other jurisdiction in which a mortgage guaranty insurance company, subject to the requirement of this article is also...
  • § 20-1559 Mortgage Guaranty Insurers; Dividend Payment
    A. Notwithstanding section 20-722, a domestic mortgage guaranty insurance company may pay dividends out of any available surplus monies if the mortgage guaranty insurance...
  • § 20-1560 Examinations; Rules
    A. The director may use independent contractor examiners pursuant to sections 20-148 and 20-159 to conduct examinations to review compliance with this article. All...

Article 9 Title Insurers

Article 10 Consumer Credit Insurance

Article 10.1 Credit Property Insurance

Article 11 Cancellation or Non-Renewal of Automobile Insurance

Article 12 Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Insurance

Article 13 Mass Marketed Life or Health Insurance

Article 14 Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Commercial Insurance

Article 15 Long-Term Care Insurance

Article 16 Adopted Child Coverage

Article 17 Portable Electronics Insurance

Article 2 Health Care Insurers

Article 3 Insurance Review Committees

Article 4 Reporting Requirements

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Accountable Health Plans

Article 2 Uninsured Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Health Care Appeals

Article 1 Variable Life Insurance

Article 2 Variable Annuities

  • § 20-2631 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Company" means an insurer licensed pursuant to this title to transact life insurance or...
  • § 20-2632 Qualifications To Issue Variable Annuities
    A. A company shall not issue or issue for delivery in this state variable annuities unless the director is satisfied that the company's condition...
  • § 20-2633 Separate Account; Annuities
    A. A domestic company that issues variable annuities shall establish one or more separate accounts pursuant to section 20-651. B. Except pursuant to subsection...
  • § 20-2634 Filing Of Contracts; Approval
    Unless exempt pursuant to chapter 5, article 1 of this title, each insurer shall file with the director all variable annuity contracts and all...
  • § 20-2635 Variable Annuity Contracts
    A. A variable annuity that provides benefits payable in variable amounts and that is delivered or issued for delivery in this state shall contain...
  • § 20-2636 Nonforfeiture Benefits; Exceptions; Definition
    A. This section does not apply to the following: 1. Reinsurance. 2. Group annuity contract purchases that are made in connection with one or...
  • § 20-2637 Reports
    A. At least once in each contract year after the first contract year, a company that issues individual variable annuities shall mail to the...
  • § 20-2638 Foreign Companies
    If the law in a foreign company's domiciliary state provides a degree of protection to the policyholders and the public that is substantially equal...

Article 3 Agent Qualifications

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

  • § 20-3151 Definitions
    For the purposes of this section: 1. " Enrollee" means an individual who is enrolled in a health care plan provided by a health...
  • § 20-3152 Exemptions; Waiver
    A. This chapter does not create: 1. Any liability on the part of any employer or employer group purchasing organization that purchases coverage or...
  • § 20-3153 Health Care Insurer Liability
    A. A health care insurer is liable for any damages caused to the insurer's enrollee by the insurer's delay in authorizing or failure to...
  • § 20-3154 Health Care Appeals; Admissibility
    In an action under this chapter, any person, enrollee or health care insurer may introduce into evidence for any purpose any of the documents,...
  • § 20-3155 Notice Of Intent To File Suit
    A. Before an enrollee files an action pursuant to section 20-3153, the enrollee shall either: 1. Complete the health care appeals process prescribed in...

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

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