Arizona Revised Statutes Title 21 - Juries

Chapter 1 JURIES
Article 1 Kinds and Composition

Article 2 Jury Facilities

Article 3 Jury Commissioner

Chapter 2 JURORS
Article 1 Qualifications and Excuses

Article 2 Disqualification

  • § 21-211 Disqualification
    The following persons shall be disqualified to serve as jurors in any particular action: 1. Witnesses in the action. 2. Persons interested directly or...

Article 3 Fees and Mileage

  • § 21-221 Fees And Mileage
    A. Each juror shall be paid by the county: 1. For each day's attendance upon the superior court or justice court, twelve dollars. 2....
  • § 21-222 Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund
    (Rpld 7/1/19) A. The Arizona lengthy trial fund is established consisting of monies received from the additional fees paid on all filings, appearances, responses...
  • § 21-223 Failure Of Juror To Attend; Fine
    It is unlawful for a juror who is summoned and who fails to obtain a postponement or who is not excused from jury service...

Article 4 Misconduct by or Involving Jurors

Article 1 Jury List

Article 2 Selecting Persons for Prospective Jury Service

Article 3 Summoning Jurors

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 State Grand Jury

Last modified: October 13, 2016