Arizona Revised Statutes § 22-137 Constable Ethics Standards And Training Board; Powers And Duties; Constable Training

22-137. Constable ethics standards and training board; powers and duties; constable training

A. The constable ethics standards and training board shall:

1. Adopt rules for the administration and conduct of the board, including meeting times, meeting places and matters to be placed on the agenda of each meeting, and for the distribution of monies in the constable ethics standards and training fund pursuant to section 22-138.

2. Adopt a code of conduct for constables and adopt rules to enforce the code of conduct.

3. Establish procedures for conducting confidential investigations and holding hearings.

4. Hear and investigate written complaints from any person involving a constable's ethical conduct.

5. Remedy a constable's inappropriate behavior by:

(a) Mediating.

(b) Issuing warnings, reprimands or admonishments.

(c) Instructing constables to take a particular action or to take educational classes.

(d) Urging a constable to retire from office.

B. The board may:

1. Employ an executive director and other staff necessary to fulfill the powers and duties of the board.

2. Enter into contracts and interagency agreements to carry out its powers and duties.

3. Certify organizations to provide training and support programs for constables.

4. Provide support grants to constables for local or statewide training programs.

5. Take and hear evidence, administer oaths and affirmations and compel by subpoena the attendance of witnesses and the production of books, papers, records, documents and other information relating to any investigation or hearing.

C. If the board is not satisfied with the remedies prescribed in subsection A, paragraph 5 of this section, the board shall submit a report to the county attorney's office in the county in which the conduct at issue occurred.

D. The Arizona peace officer standards and training board shall approve a mandatory basic training course for newly elected constables covering topics including civil and criminal process, conflict resolution and firearm safety. Constables must attend the mandatory training course within six months after election. In subsequent years, constables must annually attend at least sixteen hours of additional training approved by the Arizona peace officer standards and training board. The constable ethics standards and training board may approve additional training courses for constables. The constable ethics standards and training fund established by section 22-138 may be used for constable training. Copies of certificates of completion of the constable training shall be forwarded to the constable ethics standards and training board within thirty days after completion.

E. This section does not create a cause of action or a right to bring an action against the board.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016