Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1293 Procedure For Owner To Authorize Another Person To Deal With Animals; Violation

3-1293. Procedure for owner to authorize another person to deal with animals; violation

A. A person who desires to authorize another person to gather, drive or otherwise handle animals bearing the recorded brand or mark owned by the person granting the authority, or animals of which he is the lawful owner but which bear other brands or marks, shall furnish the other person an authority in writing which lists the brands or marks authorized to be handled, and authorizes the other person to gather, drive or otherwise handle the animals described.

B. If a person who gives written authority for the purposes provided in subsection A inserts therein any brand or mark of which he is not the lawful owner and an animal bearing such brand or mark is unlawfully taken, gathered, driven or otherwise unlawfully handled by virtue of the written authority by the person to whom the written authority was given the person giving the written authority shall be deemed a principal to the unlawful taking, gathering, driving or handling of such animals.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016