Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-1295 Lien For Feed, Pasturage And Other Services

3-1295. Lien for feed, pasturage and other services

A. A person who furnishes pasture, feed or other services for livestock on the premises of that person has a lien on the stock for the amount of the charges that are due and unpaid. A person having such lien may retain the stock until the charges are paid. If possession continues for twenty days after the charges accrue, and the charges have not been paid, the person retaining possession of the stock may perfect the amount of the lien by filing an action in either superior court or justice court, according to the amount in controversy, in the jurisdiction of the holder of the stock. The hearing shall be held not less than ten and not more than twenty days after the date the action is filed in court. If the prevailing party does not receive payment due within ten days after the final judgment of the court, the prevailing party becomes the owner of the stock. The court shall award the prevailing party court costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

B. On presenting a judgment of the court in the appropriate jurisdiction awarding ownership to the holder of the stock in satisfaction of the lien, the department shall issue to the holder of the stock such ownership and hauling certificates, certificates of inspection or other papers ordinarily required on the transfer of ownership of livestock.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016