Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2041 Chief Veterinary Meat Inspector; Appointment Of Inspectors; Qualifications; Bond

3-2041. Chief veterinary meat inspector; appointment of inspectors; qualifications; bond

A. The associate director, with the approval of the director, shall employ an Arizona licensed veterinarian as chief veterinary meat inspector. The chief veterinary meat inspector must have at least four years' experience of meat inspection work in slaughtering establishments. The duties of the chief veterinary meat inspector shall be to supervise the state meat inspection service and enforce and efficiently carry out the provisions of this chapter, so as to assure the public that only pure and wholesome meats are offered for sale.

B. Upon qualification by the chief veterinary meat inspector, the associate director, with the director's approval, shall employ veterinary meat inspectors and lay meat inspectors who shall be responsible to the chief veterinary meat inspector and who shall conduct antemortem and postmortem inspections, enforce sanitary requirements, perform other duties necessary to conduct proper meat inspection and carry out the provisions of this chapter. The director may also assign personnel from the office of inspections to perform inspections under this chapter under the supervision of the chief veterinary meat inspector.

C. An inspector assigned to a slaughtering establishment with state meat inspection service shall neither be related to the management of such establishment nor have a financial interest therein.

D. Each inspector shall take the oath of office.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016