Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2047 Application For State Meat Inspection Service

3-2047. Application for state meat inspection service

Any slaughtering establishment which wishes to conduct its slaughtering operations under state meat inspection service shall apply to the division for a license to slaughter as provided in section 3-2002. Establishments shall then make written application to the division requesting state meat inspection service. The associate director upon receipt of the application shall request the chief veterinary meat inspector to make an inspection of the premises of the slaughtering establishment making application. If the establishment is found clean and sanitary and meets the requirements of the provisions of this chapter, the associate director shall authorize the granting of state meat inspection service to the applicant. The division shall then assign an official establishment number to the approved slaughtering establishment to be used to mark the meat of the carcass and parts of carcasses which are offered for sale.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016