Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-2051 Requirements For Slaughtering Establishments With State Meat Inspection Service

3-2051. Requirements for slaughtering establishments with state meat inspection service

A. All slaughtering establishments licensed by this state to slaughter cattle, sheep, swine, goats, horses, mules or other equines and which operate under state meat inspection service shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition during all periods of operation. The following are the minimum requirements for such slaughtering establishments:

1. There shall be ample potable hot and cold water with adequate facilities for its distribution in the plant and it shall conform with the minimum requirements of the department of health services. The hot water shall be not less than one hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit and shall be furnished and used for the cleaning of inspection equipment and other equipment, floors and walls.

2. There shall be an efficient drainage and plumbing system for the plant and there shall be an adequate sewage disposal system of such a type as not to be a breeding place for flies and not to constitute a hazard or to endanger public health. Both systems shall conform with the minimum requirements of the department of health services.

3. The floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, posts, doors and other parts of all structures shall be of such materials, construction and finish as will make them susceptible of being readily and thoroughly cleaned. The floors shall be tile, cement or a type to be impervious to water and shall have adequate drainage.

4. All outside windows and doors shall be adequately and effectively screened.

5. There shall be adequate lighting, natural or artificial, of good quality and well-distributed and sufficient ventilation for all rooms to insure sanitary conditions.

6. The slaughtering establishment shall be kept free from flies, rats, mice and other vermin. Dogs and cats shall be excluded from the plants.

7. There shall be provided tables, benches and other equipment on which inspection is performed so as to enable inspectors to conduct their inspection in an efficient, clean manner. Racks, receptacles, paunch trucks or other suitable devices for retaining such parts as the head, tongue, tail, thymus gland and viscera to enable the inspectors to properly conduct a postmortem examination shall also be provided.

8. Each slaughtering establishment shall have sufficient numbers of beef shrouds so that they may be laundered and cleaned between each use.

9. Each slaughtering establishment shall have a bleeding rail and hoist of such a construction that there will result proper bleeding after slaughter.

10. Each slaughtering establishment shall provide toilets, wash basins, towels, hot and cold running water and soap for their employees with separate facilities when both sexes are employed. Toilets and wash basins shall be kept in a sanitary condition. The rooms in which the toilet facilities are located shall be properly ventilated and shall be separated from the rooms in which animals are slaughtered and meat or meat food products are prepared.

11. Slaughtering establishments shall meet the requirements prescribed by this section and in addition shall comply with the building requirements of the federal meat inspection service.

B. All slaughtering establishments engaged in the sale of meat for human consumption shall be under the inspection service of either this state or the federal government.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016