Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-481 Definitions

3-481. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. " Associate director" means the associate director of the division.

2. " Bulk lot" means fresh fruit or vegetables that are not contained in a box, carton, crate or lug but may be contained in a bin or a similar container and are set apart from fresh fruit and vegetables that are packaged in containers authorized pursuant to this article or rules adopted pursuant to this article.

3. " By-products" means a product commercially processed or manufactured for resale from fruits or vegetables or their juices.

4. " Commission merchant" means a person who receives on consignment or solicits from the producer any fruit or vegetable for sale on commission on behalf of the producer or who accepts any fruit or vegetable in trust from the producer for the purpose of resale. Commission merchant does not include a shipper.

5. " Container" means a box, carton or lug that is used for packing, shipping or selling fruit or vegetables that are authorized by this article or rules adopted pursuant to this article.

6. " Dealer" means a person that sells, markets or distributes fruit or vegetables that the person purchased from a producer or markets as an agent, broker or commission merchant, except at retail. Dealer does not include a shipper.

7. " Division" means the plant services division of the Arizona department of agriculture.

8. " Lot" means a unit of identical or similar items that are produced by one person and that are grouped or consolidated in one or more containers for packaging or transporting or a cluster of identical or similar items that are produced by one person and that are included in the same shipping order, bill of lading or other itemized transport order.

9. " Packer" means a person, other than a producer, shipper or dealer, engaged in the business of harvesting or packing fruit or vegetables.

10. " Person" includes an individual, firm, association, partnership, trust or corporation.

11. " Producer" means a person engaged in this state in the business of producing or causing fruit or vegetables to be produced for market in commercial quantities.

12. " Shipper" means a person who ships, transports, sells or markets fruit or vegetables under the person's registered trademark or label or a person who first markets the fruit or vegetables on behalf of the producer. Shipper does not include a commission merchant.

13. " Supervisor" means the supervisor of standardization employed pursuant to section 3-483.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016