Arizona Revised Statutes § 3-489 Requests For Inspection By Unlicensed Or Unregistered Persons; Fees

3-489. Requests for inspection by unlicensed or unregistered persons; fees

A. A person who is not licensed under article 2 of this chapter or this article and who requests inspection of citrus, fruit, vegetables or nuts shall pay a fee to the citrus, fruit and vegetable trust fund. The supervisor shall set the amount of the fee by rule and shall assess and collect the fee for inspection service performed by the supervisor or the supervisor's employees. The fee shall be an amount reasonably necessary to cover the costs of inspection and processing of the necessary documentation. Before setting the fee, the supervisor shall consult with the citrus, fruit and vegetable advisory council.

B. The fee is due and payable on completing the inspection. If the fee is not paid, the supervisor may refuse to perform any further inspection services.

C. The supervisor may prescribe a different scale of fees for different locations and different commodities based on the amount of time necessary to inspect the commodities. The supervisor may assess a charge for traveling expenses pursuant to title 38, chapter 4, article 2.

D. This section does not apply to any inspection services performed pursuant to article 1 of this chapter.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016