Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-467.05 Extradition; Retrieval

31-467.05. Extradition; retrieval

A. At all times, duly accredited officers of a sending state may enter a receiving state and apprehend and retake any person who is on probation or parole. For that purpose no formalities are required other than establishing the authority of the officer and the identity of the person to be retaken. All legal requirements to obtain extradition of fugitives are expressly waived on the part of states that are parties to the interstate compact for the supervision of adult offenders, as to the persons. The decision of the sending state to retake a person on probation or parole shall be conclusive on, and is not reviewable within, the receiving state, unless at the time a state seeks to retake a probationer or parolee there is pending against the probationer or parolee within the receiving state any criminal charge or the probationer or parolee is suspected of having committed within the state a criminal offense, in which case the probationer or parolee shall not be retaken without the consent of the receiving state until discharged from prosecution or from imprisonment for such offense.

B. Duly accredited officers of the sending state shall be allowed to transport prisoners being retaken through any state that is a party to the interstate compact for the supervision of adult offenders, without interference.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016