Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-472 Commitment Or Transfer Of Inmate; Prohibition Against Transfer Of Inmate Sentenced Under Arizona Law To Institution Outside State In Absence Of Consent; Irrevocability Of Consent

31-472. Commitment or transfer of inmate; prohibition against transfer of inmate sentenced under Arizona law to institution outside state in absence of consent; irrevocability of consent

Any court or other agency or officer of this state having power to commit or transfer an inmate, as defined in article II(d) of the western interstate corrections compact, to any institution within or without this state if this state has entered into a contract or contracts for the confinement of inmates in such institution pursuant to article III of the western interstate corrections compact, but no inmate sentenced under Arizona law may be transferred from an institution within this state to an institution without this state, unless he has executed, in the presence of the warden or other head of the institution in this state in which he is confined, a written consent to the transfer. An inmate may not revoke such consent.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016