Arizona Revised Statutes § 31-482 Matters Pertaining To Agreement

31-482. Matters pertaining to agreement

A. Every person who has been imprisoned in a prison or institution in this state and who escapes or attempts to escape while in the custody of an officer of this or another state in another state pursuant to the agreement on detainers is deemed to have violated section 13-2503 or 13-2504 and is punishable as provided therein.

B. It shall be lawful and mandatory upon the warden or other official in charge of a penal or correctional institution in this state to give over the person of any inmate thereof whenever so required by the operation of the agreement on detainer. Such official shall inform such inmate of his rights provided in paragraph (a) of article IV of the agreement on detainers.

C. The administrator, in accordance with the interstate probation and parole compacts, shall administer the agreement as prescribed by section 31-481.

D. When, pursuant to the agreement on detainers, a person in actual confinement under sentence of another jurisdiction is brought before an Arizona court and sentenced by the judge to serve an Arizona sentence concurrently with the sentence of the other jurisdiction, the board of executive clemency and members thereof may meet in such other jurisdiction, or enter into cooperative arrangements with corresponding agencies in the other jurisdiction, as necessary to carry out the term-fixing and parole functions.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016