Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1202 Establishment Of Community Park Maintenance District; Territory; Purpose; Approval

48-1202. Establishment of community park maintenance district; territory; purpose; approval

A. In addition to the requirements for the establishment of a community park maintenance district as set forth in section 48-261, a district shall:

1. Include contiguous territories located in one or more counties.

2. Be formed only for the purpose of maintaining existing community parks that are certified by the board for inclusion in the district. The board of directors, subject to available tax revenues, may certify any existing community park within the district's boundaries that will facilitate and encourage the use and enjoyment of recreational land within the district.

3. Be approved by a vote of the board of supervisors for each of the counties in which the community park maintenance district is to be located, if proposed for territory that is located in more than one county.

B. A leaseholder of real property is not authorized to sign a formation petition or a boundary change petition, and the board of supervisors may accept only the signature of the real property owner.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016