Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1209 Powers Of Community Park Maintenance District

48-1209. Powers of community park maintenance district

In addition to the powers specifically granted, a community park maintenance district, acting through its board of directors, may:

1. Maintain community parks certified for inclusion within the district by the board of directors.

2. Acquire in the name of the district any real or personal property or interest in property by gift, purchase, condemnation or otherwise and own, control, manage or dispose of such property or interest if necessary or convenient for the purpose specified in paragraph 1. Private funds or contributions received by a district for the purpose of defraying expenses of work done under its direction may be expended by the district in compliance with the terms and conditions under which such funds are received, provided the terms and conditions meet the approval of the board and are within the scope of the statutory powers and duties of the district.

3. Join with any other community park maintenance district, municipality or federal or state agency in the maintenance of community parks, located within or without the district, certified for jurisdictional inclusion in the district by the board. No community park may be maintained within an incorporated city or town or within one-half mile of an incorporated city or town without the consent of the governing body of the city or town as evidenced by a formal resolution or ordinance of approval.

4. Sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any property of the district or interest in the property if such property is no longer required for the purposes of the district or if use of it may be permitted without interfering with the use to which it is put by the district.

5. Sell or otherwise dispose of any by-product resulting from the maintenance of community parks within the district.

6. Pay expenses incidental to the exercise of its powers.

7. Employ staff to perform maintenance of community parks within the district.

8. Formulate and adopt rules and regulations necessary to operate community parks included within the district.

9. Levy a tax assessment pursuant to this article on the real property of the district sufficient to pay the maintenance and operating costs of the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016