Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1503 Hearings On Petition; Determination Of Boundaries

48-1503. Hearings on petition; determination of boundaries

A. The board of supervisors shall hear the petition when it is presented, but may adjourn the hearing from time to time not exceeding a total of four weeks. On the final hearing the board shall make such changes in the proposed boundaries as deemed advisable and shall define and establish boundaries by an order made and entered upon its minutes. The board shall not modify boundaries so as to exclude from the proposed district any territory which is susceptible of being furnished power for cultivation or manufacturing by the same system of works applicable to the other lands in the proposed district, nor shall any lands which will not, in the judgment of the board, be benefited by acquiring power by means of the same system of works be included within the proposed district.

B. Any person whose lands are susceptible of cultivation by the same system of works may upon application, and in the discretion of the board, have his lands included within the proposed district.

C. Upon hearing the petition, the board of supervisors shall by order determine whether or not the petition complies with the requirements of sections 48-1501 and 48-1502, and for that purpose shall receive and hear all competent and relevant evidence and testimony offered in support thereof or in opposition thereto. The order shall be entered upon the minutes of the board of supervisors.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016