Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1509 Ballots; Manner Of Voting

48-1509. Ballots; manner of voting

A. The ballots to be used at the election for the formation of the district shall be supplied by the board of supervisors and shall be substantially as follows: " Power district, yes" . " Power district, no." The ballots shall contain the names of the general electors to be voted for as directors from each division of the proposed district, and also the names of two electors to be elected as directors at large, with one blank space where the elector may write the name of any other general elector of the division for whom he desires to cast a vote as a director.

B. One director shall be elected from each division of the proposed district, together with two elected at large from the entire district.

C. The elector shall vote for one person only as division director and the two to be elected at large, and shall indicate his choice by placing the mark X opposite the name, question or proposal for which or against which he may wish to vote. If the board of supervisors has not divided the district into divisions for election purposes but has left the whole district as one, then each elector shall vote for five persons as directors.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016