Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1545 Administrative Powers Of Board; Limitations On Contracting Power

48-1545. Administrative powers of board; limitations on contracting power

A. The board shall:

1. Adopt a seal.

2. Manage and conduct the affairs and business of the district.

3. Make and execute necessary contracts.

4. Employ such agents, attorneys, officers and employees as are required and prescribe their duties and compensation.

5. Establish equitable rules and regulations for distribution and use of power among the owners of the land.

6. Perform all acts necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

B. The board may, in addition to supplying power to the district proposed by the petition for formation of the district, construct, acquire, purchase, lease or condemn any and all power plants, power lines, generators, motors, transformers, poles, wires, pipe lines, engines, boilers, distributing systems, meters and any and all means for generating, distributing and measuring power, and rights of way or other property necessary for the use of the district, or acquire by condemnation or otherwise, the right to enlarge any power plant, power line or distributing system, already constructed or partly constructed.

C. In case of the purchase of any property by the district, when it is proposed by the board of directors to purchase a system of power already constructed or partially constructed, to enlarge and complete the system to make it adequate to the needs of the district, the board may embody in one contract the details of the purchase and the enlargement and completion of the power system without inviting bids.

D. In case of the purchase of such property by the district, the bonds of the district issued as provided by this chapter may be used at their par value in payment without previous offer of such bonds for sale. No contract involving a consideration exceeding ten thousand dollars, and not exceeding twenty-five thousand dollars, is binding unless the contract is authorized and ratified in writing by not less than one third of the qualified voters of the district according to the number of votes cast at the last district election. Any contract in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars is not binding until the contract has been authorized and ratified at an election in the manner provided for the issuance of bonds.

E. The board of directors may lease or rent the use of power on contract for the delivery thereof to the occupants of other land not included within the district at such prices and on such terms as the board deems best, but the rental shall not be less than one and one-half times the amount of the district tax for which the land would be liable if within the district. No vested or prescriptive right to the use of such power shall attach to the land by virtue of the lease or rental.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016