Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1549 Contract Of District Obligating Owner Of Incompleted Title To Land To Pay Bonds And Taxes

48-1549. Contract of district obligating owner of incompleted title to land to pay bonds and taxes

A. The board of directors shall require all owners of lands within the district for which title to lands is incomplete at the time of the issuance of bonds to enter into a contract to the effect that such land owner shall, upon receiving title to such lands, permit the assessment of such lands for their proportionate share of the bonded assessment of the district, and, in the meantime, pay the proportionate share of all taxes levied by the board of directors.

B. No vested or prescriptive right to the use of power shall attach to such lands by virtue of such contract until the contract provided by this section is entered into.

C. The owner of the land shall, after executing the contract, if he is not delinquent in any taxes levied by the district upon such lands, be entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits conferred upon the owners of other lands within the district, and as soon as such land owner has received title to the land, the owner shall ipso facto become liable for all existing obligations and indebtedness of the irrigation district as fully as if title had been held by the land owner at the time of the organization of the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016