Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1554 Plans And Specifications For Construction; Advertisement For Bids; Bid Deposit; Awarding Contract; Performance Bond

48-1554. Plans and specifications for construction; advertisement for bids; bid deposit; awarding contract; performance bond

A. When plans and specifications for any construction, repair, alteration, extension, improvement or other district purpose have been adopted by the board of directors and ratified by the electors when the probable amount involved requires ratification, the directors shall give notice of the proposed work by publication of an advertisement for bids for at least two weeks in a weekly or daily newspaper published in each county in which portions of the district are located, and in such additional newspapers as the board deems advisable.

B. The advertisement for bids shall set forth:

1. A general description of the proposed work.

2. That the plans and specifications may be seen at the office of the district.

3. The date and hour up to which the board will receive sealed proposals.

4. That the contract may be let to the lowest responsible bidder.

5. That the right will be reserved to reject any and all bids.

6. The time and place for opening bids.

7. That each bid shall be accompanied by a bid bond, deposit or certified check equal to ten per cent of the total bid.

8. That the bids will be opened in public.

9. That as soon as convenient thereafter the board may let the contract for the work, either in part or as a whole, to the lowest responsible bidder.

C. At the time and place specified in the advertisement the board shall meet and consider the bids and shall within a reasonable time thereafter accept or reject all or any portion of any bid or may reject all bids, and shall return the deposits of unsuccessful bidders. The board may thereafter proceed to readvertise for the portions of the proposed project as to which no bids are accepted, or the board may proceed to perform the work so advertised under its direction and supervision.

D. The board shall enter into contracts according to the accepted bids, and shall require from each person with whom such a contract is made to give such bond or bonds as are required under the provisions of title 34, chapter 2, article 2. Upon the bond being given and approved, prior deposits of the principal on the bond shall be returned.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016