Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1704 Notice Of Hearing On Petition; Publication; Continuance Of Hearing

48-1704. Notice of hearing on petition; publication; continuance of hearing

A. The board of supervisors with which the petition is filed, at the next regular or special meeting thereafter or at a special meeting called sooner for that purpose, shall fix a date for hearing the petition which shall be recorded in the minutes of the board. The place of hearing shall be at the office of the board of supervisors unless the board determines for convenience of the parties to hold the hearing elsewhere in the county.

B. Notice of the hearing shall be ordered by the board of supervisors and signed by the chairman and shall be addressed to all owners of lands or interests in lands, and to all persons interested in or in any manner affected by organization of the proposed district. The notice shall state the time and place of hearing. It shall only be necessary to state generally, but clearly and fully, the objects of the hearing.

C. The notice shall be published in at least one daily or weekly paper published in each county in which any part of the proposed district is located once a week for four consecutive weeks, and shall be posted in one public place in each township or part of township of each range or part of range, according to government survey, included in the proposed district. In addition, not less than three notices shall be posted in different public places in every county in which any part of the proposed district is located. The board of supervisors shall appoint a suitable person or persons to post the notices and cause newspaper publication of the notice as provided by this section. Proof of posting shall be by affidavit of the person or persons posting the notices and proof of publication shall be by affidavit of the publisher. Proof of posting and publication shall be filed with the board at or before the hearing.

D. The hearing shall be held not less than ten days after publication is completed, and not less than thirty-one days after the date of posting notice.

E. The board of supervisors before whom the hearing is held may for good and sufficient reason adjourn the hearing from time to time, but notice of adjournment need not be given, except that the day and hour to which adjournment is ordered shall be spread on the minutes or set forth in the resolution of the board.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016