Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1711 Trial Of Appeal; Bond; Effect Upon Organization Proceedings

48-1711. Trial of appeal; bond; effect upon organization proceedings

A. The appeal shall be heard de novo by the superior court. An appeal may be taken to the supreme court from the judgment of the superior court as provided by law and rules of the supreme court.

B. The appeal shall be tried within thirty days after the decision of the board of supervisors, by the superior court, but the court may for good cause continue the trial for not more than sixty days. No continuance shall be granted unless appellant gives a good and sufficient bond conditioned to pay the cost of appeal if the decision of the board of supervisors is not reversed. The bond shall be in an amount and form prescribed by the court.

C. No appeal from inclusion of lands within the district shall prohibit or delay the district in calling the organization election or prohibit the district and its officers from proceeding to carry out all the objects of the organization of the district except when the appeal from inclusion of lands affects more than one third of the area or acreage of the proposed district.

D. During pendency of an appeal, all owners of lands affected by the appeal may vote under the same conditions as if their lands were included in the district and without prejudice to their rights on appeal.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016