Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1712 Nomination Of Candidates To Board Of Directors; Notice Of Election

48-1712. Nomination of candidates to board of directors; notice of election

A. The board of election commissioners shall nominate nine persons, all of whom shall be resident freeholders of the district and qualified voters, as candidates for election as members of the board of directors of the district, if the district is approved at the organization election.

B. The board of election commissioners shall then call an election and give not less than ten nor more than fifteen days notice thereof by posting a notice in one public place in each township or part of township of each range or part of range in the proposed district. In addition, not less than three notices shall be posted in different public places in each county in which any part of the district is located.

C. The notice of election shall contain the names of candidates for directors, the day of the election, the hours during which the polls will be open, which shall be for not less than eight hours, and the place or places of voting. If more than one place of voting is provided, the election commissioners shall divide the proposed district into precincts and the notice of election shall define the precincts in a manner indicating to all electors their respective voting places. The notice shall contain a statement that, at the election, it will be decided by the electors whether a certain territory, giving the boundaries thereof or otherwise describing it, shall be organized as an electrical district under this chapter.

D. Any five resident freeholders who are qualified electors may nominate two other candidates for election as board members by serving a written demand to that effect on the board of election commissioners at least five days before the election, and the names of such candidates shall appear on the ballot following those nominated by the commissioners.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016