Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1721 Inclusion Of Additional Lands After Organization

48-1721. Inclusion of additional lands after organization

A. When a petition is presented to the board of directors of a district for the inclusion within such district of lands located outside the district, the proceedings and hearing shall be in all respects the same as in the organization of districts, except that the hearing shall be before the board of directors of the district to which application is made rather than before the board of supervisors of the county. Lands to be included need not be contiguous to the district but shall not be so far removed as to materially increase the cost of service rendered in the district.

B. The petition for inclusion of lands in a district duly organized shall be signed by at least one-third of the resident freeholders within the territory sought to be included and the proposed inclusion shall be in a reasonably compact body and regular form. Such area shall be included in the district, if it can be done equitably, but if an unreasonably large portion of the land is unassessable for any reason or is in such condition that rendering service in the area will be an unjust burden on the district as organized, the petition may be denied. The board of directors hearing the petition may require of the area admitted equitable terms and conditions of admission.

C. Appeal shall be allowed from the board decision in the same manner as in the organization of districts.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016