Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1727 Effect Of Exclusion Of Lands On District Property And Organization; Powers Of Board

48-1727. Effect of exclusion of lands on district property and organization; powers of board

A. Upon exclusion of any lands, the board of directors may make such rearrangement or reapportionment of divisions within the district as the board deems advisable.

B. No exclusion of lands shall impair or affect the district organization or its property or rights therein, or any other rights or privileges, nor shall it affect, impair or discharge any contract obligation, lien or charge for or upon which it was or might become liable or chargeable had the exclusion of land not been made. Lands excluded by an order of the board shall not be liable for district contracts, debts or obligations thereafter created; however, such excluded lands shall remain liable for all indebtedness incurred by the district while such excluded lands were included in the district.

C. No omission or informality in the proceedings for exclusion of lands shall invalidate such proceedings if the substantial rights of the parties affected were recognized and the proceedings were fairly conducted.

D. The board of directors may make any rules, regulations, resolutions and bylaws necessary in the proceedings.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016