Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1752 Federal Reclamation Act Adopted; Adoption By Districts Optional

48-1752. Federal reclamation act adopted; adoption by districts optional

A. Districts organized under this chapter shall have all the rights and privileges granted to them by the act of Congress entitled " An act to promote the reclamation of arid lands, approved August 11, 1916, " and amendments thereto, the provisions of which are made a part of this chapter.

B. Nothing in this chapter shall affect government lands or the federal government except as expressly authorized by federal act. The board of directors may institute proceedings for the purpose of securing the consent and official action of the secretary of the interior to make the federal act operative in the district.

C. Nothing in this section shall hinder or delay the district from going forward in its organization or in proceeding to carry out the plans contemplated by this chapter for its organization, whether or not the benefits of the federal act are obtained. If the district decides not to take steps to secure the benefits of the federal act, or, making such effort, fails in complying with federal requirements, it shall be optional with the district whether to proceed with its activities with or without invoking the provisions of the federal act.

D. The board may at an annual election submit a report to the electors of the advantages and disadvantages of securing the benefits of the federal act, and if a majority of the electors vote in favor of endeavoring to secure such benefits, the board shall prosecute with reasonable diligence proceedings to secure approval of the secretary of the interior and do all other things necessary to invoke operation of the federal act in the district. The board shall submit such question at the next general election when so requested by ten per cent of the qualified electors of the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016