Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1773 Annual Estimate Of Expenses Of District; Certificate Of Expense

48-1773. Annual estimate of expenses of district; certificate of expense

A. On or before June 1 each year, the board of directors shall determine the amount of money necessary to conduct the business of the district on a cash basis until funds are available from the next tax levy. The board shall embody their findings in a certificate which may set out the items of administration expenses itemized substantially as follows:

1. The compensation and expenses of the board of directors.

2. The salary and expenses of the secretary, the assistant secretary, if any, and the treasurer, and the compensation and expenses of any other employees performing similar services.

3. The salary and expenses of the attorney for the district which shall include compensation paid for legal services as counsel to the board in the ordinary conduct of the business of the district, but not compensation paid in connection with litigation in proceedings for issuance of bonds, or other litigation, which shall be chargeable to general expenses of the district.

B. If the board determines to provide administrative funds from the next tax levy, the items listed in subsection A shall be certified to the board of supervisors as administration expenses to be paid by a tax levied upon the assessed value of all property in the district, real and personal, as assessed and taxed in the district for general county purposes.

C. The board of directors shall separately determine in the certificate the amount of money chargeable as general expenses of the district and necessary to conduct the business of the district on a cash basis until funds from the next tax levy are available. Such amount shall include all requirements of the district other than those enumerated as administration expenses and shall be plainly itemized.

D. The certificate shall contain an estimate of the amount necessary to provide a sinking fund for redemption of bonds and outstanding time warrants and to pay the current interest on bonds and time warrants, new construction, repairs on old property and construction, payments on contracts, leases, litigation expense and expenses other than those chargeable to administration expense.

E. The certificate shall be filed with the board of supervisors of each county in which any part of the district is located not later than June 1 each year.

F. The certificate shall show the aggregate and total amount of all items to be paid from the tax levy and the amount to be paid by the lands in each county.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016