Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1908 Board Of Directors; Members; Qualifications; Terms; Organization

48-1908. Board of directors; members; qualifications; terms; organization

A. The board of directors of the district shall be composed of five citizens who are resident real property owners within the district, none of whom is an elective or appointive state, county or city official.

B. Directors shall serve four year terms beginning on the first day of the month immediately following declaration of election to office. Elections shall be held on either the fourth Tuesday in February, the second Tuesday in June or the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of every even numbered year.

C. Candidates for a district board office shall file nominating petitions with the board of supervisors as prescribed by title 16, chapter 3. If only one person files or no person files a nominating petition for an election to fill a position on the board for which the term of office is to expire, then the board may cancel the election for that position and appoint the person who filed a nominating petition to fill the position. If no person files a nominating petition for an election to fill a district office, the board of supervisors may cancel the election for that office and that office is deemed vacant and shall be filled as otherwise provided by law. Vacancies occurring other than by expiration of term may be filled by the remaining directors, except that if the remaining directors do not constitute a quorum, the county board of supervisors shall make the appointment to fill the vacancy.

D. The board shall be a body corporate, under the name " board of directors for ______ hospital, " or " board of directors for ______ urgent care center" with the name of the hospital or urgent care center inserted.

E. Not later than sixty days after an election the board shall meet and reorganize by electing from its membership a chairman and a vice-chairman. In addition thereto, the board may appoint a secretary who shall not be a member of the board and who may be paid a salary fixed by the board.

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