Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-1914 Budget

48-1914. Budget

A. Annually, not later than July 15, the board of directors shall furnish to the board of supervisors of the county in which the district or any part thereof is located a report of the operation of the district for the past year together with an estimate in writing of the amount of money needed to be raised by taxation for all purposes required or authorized by this article during the next fiscal year.

B. The board of supervisors of each county where a district or part thereof is located shall thereupon levy upon the taxable property of the district a tax which will, together with other funds on hand or which will accrue during the ensuing fiscal year, exclusive of reserves, provide sufficient funds to meet the financial needs of the district as provided under subsection A. The tax shall be computed, entered upon the tax rolls and collected in the same manner as other secondary property taxes in the respective county or counties in which the district or part thereof is located. Monies collected on behalf of the district shall be remitted promptly to and shall be handled by the county treasurer of the organizing county as other special district funds are handled. The district shall be governed by the budget limitation laws of the state.

C. If a district lies in more than one county, the total budget estimate shall be divided by the board of directors in proportion to the value of the real property included within the district in each county, such value to be determined from the equalized values of the last assessment rolls of the counties. When such division of the estimate has been made the directors shall furnish the boards of supervisors of the respective counties a written statement of that part of the estimates apportioned to each county.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016