Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2049 Resolution Ordering Improvement; Notice; Bids

48-2049. Resolution ordering improvement; notice; bids

A. The board may order, by resolution, the proposed improvements described in the resolution of intention if:

1. No protests against the work or no objections as to the extent of the proposed assessment district have been filed within the prescribed time.

2. The board finds a protest to be insufficient in that it does not contain the signatures required or the objections to the extent of the proposed district have been heard and denied and no action requesting review of the board's decision on protests against the proposed improvements is pending or all actions for review of the board's decision have been finally resolved in favor of the board's decision.

B. The resolution ordering the improvement need not fully describe the improvement or the extent of the assessment district but may refer to the resolution of intention for the description.

C. The board shall publish a notice of the passage of the resolution ordering the improvement and inviting sealed bids from persons interested in constructing the improvement twice in one or more daily newspapers or once in a weekly or semiweekly newspaper of general circulation in the sanitary district. The board shall post a copy of the notice for five days on or near the door of the meeting place of the board. The notice shall state the time within which bid proposals may be filed with the clerk, which shall not be fewer than ten days from the date of the first publication of the notice.

D. If the resolution of intention provides for alternative plans and specifications, the invitation for bids for making the improvements may require separate bids according to each of the several alternative plans and specifications.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016