Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2312 Completion Of District Organization; Limitation On Inclusion Of Certain Lands

48-2312. Completion of district organization; limitation on inclusion of certain lands

A. The board shall cause a copy of the order, duly certified, to be immediately filed in the office of the county recorder of any county in which a portion of the lands included within the district is located, and immediately forward a copy thereof to the clerk of the board of supervisors of each such county. From and after the filing of the order the organization of the district shall be complete.

B. No agricultural improvement district shall be formed which includes lands wholly or in part within the boundaries of a district already organized without the consent of the directors of the included district, but a district may be formed to include all of the lands susceptible of irrigation under a single system of irrigation works under the provisions of this chapter, without the consent of included districts. The included districts shall not thereby be dissolved or their existence terminated, or their assets or liabilities affected, except by and through their own voluntary proceedings in a manner provided by law.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016