Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2334 Definitions; Procedures For Participation By Interested Persons In Proposed Changes In Electric Rates

48-2334. Definitions; procedures for participation by interested persons in proposed changes in electric rates

A. In this section, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. " Change in the standard electric rate schedule" means an increase or decrease or other modification of the rate blocks in, or a change in the method of calculating an escalation provision of, a standard electric rate schedule or the implementation of any new standard rate schedule.

2. " Interested persons" means either electors as set forth in section 48-2309 or purchasers of power from the district under standard electric rate schedules.

3. " Public notice" means one publication in one or more newspapers of general circulation within the district's electric service area and by a direct mailing to its standard electric rate schedule customers of record and to the governing body of each city, town or county lying in whole or in part within the boundaries of the district.

4. " Secretary" means the secretary or assistant secretary of the district.

5. " Standard electric rate schedule" means the district's published electric rate schedules for standard contract customers including, but not limited to, residential, industrial and commercial and agricultural irrigation customers.

B. The district shall provide public notice of proposed changes to standard electric rate schedules, stating:

1. That the district is considering making changes in the standard electric rate schedule.

2. That the data described in subsection C of this section is available for inspection.

3. That the board of directors will hold a special meeting as required by subsection D of this section and stating the date, time and place of the meeting.

C. For a period beginning with the public notice and until ten days after the close of the board meeting prescribed in subsection D of this section, the district shall make available to interested persons, at its main office, pertinent information, including:

1. Management's recommendation for proposed changes in the standard electric rate schedule.

2. Pertinent financial and planning information, including data from long-range plans and budgets.

3. Current and proposed rate schedules.

4. Reports of consultants, if any.

D. Interested persons may file written comments with the secretary at any time during the period prescribed in subsection C of this section. A meeting of the board of directors of the district shall be held no sooner than thirty days and no later than sixty days after the public notice referred to in subsection B of this section. At the meeting, the board of directors shall:

1. Afford representatives of management of the district an opportunity to explain the proposed changes in the standard electric rate schedule, the criteria for such rates and answer questions.

2. Afford any consultants retained by the board an opportunity to comment upon the proposed changes in the proposed rate schedule and criteria for such rates.

3. Afford interested persons a reasonable opportunity to submit written comments or make oral presentations of views, questions and comments.

E. Following review of the information and comments gathered in the course of the procedures described in subsection D of this section the board of directors shall make its decision on the proposed changes in the proposed standard electric rate schedules.

F. The board of directors shall establish and enforce rules and regulations to carry out the purposes of this section.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016