Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2668 Title To Property Held By District; Enforcement Of Property Rights By Board

48-2668. Title to property held by district; enforcement of property rights by board

A. The legal title to all property acquired by the district under the provisions of this chapter, including all water collected in, controlled or handled by means of any drainage works constructed or acquired under the provisions of this chapter, shall immediately vest in the district and shall be held by the district in trust for the uses and purposes set forth in this chapter.

B. The board of directors may hold, use, acquire, manage, occupy and possess the property as provided by this chapter. The board may take conveyances or other assurances for all property acquired under the provisions of this chapter in the name of the district for the purposes expressed by this chapter and institute and maintain any and all actions and proceedings necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter, or to enforce, maintain, protect or preserve all rights, privileges and immunities created or granted by this chapter, or acquired in pursuance thereof. In all courts, actions or proceedings, the board may sue, appear and defend in person or by attorney in the name of the drainage district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016