Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-2685 Counting Votes; Election Returns; Recount

48-2685. Counting votes; election returns; recount

A. When the board of election has counted the votes it shall make a certificate on each of the documents containing the poll list and tally lists, or attached thereto, designating the office and stating the number of votes received by the person who was a candidate for such office. The number of votes shall be written in figures and words. Each certificate shall be signed by the inspector, judge and clerk. One of the certificates with the poll list and one of the tally lists shall be retained by the inspector and preserved by him for at least six months.

B. The ballots shall be strung on a string by the inspector during the counting thereof in the order in which they are entered upon the tally lists by the clerks. The ballots, together with the certificates, poll list and tally list, shall be sealed by the inspector in the presence of the judge and clerks, and endorsed " election returns (naming the precinct, if there is more than one precinct in the district) of election held in (name of district) drainage district the ______ day of _______, 19__" and directed to the secretary of the board of directors, and shall be immediately delivered by the inspector, or by some other responsible carrier designated by the inspector, to the secretary.

C. The ballots shall be kept unopened for at least six months, but if any elector of the district, is of the opinion that the vote of any precinct has not been correctly counted, he may appear on the day appointed for the board of directors to open and canvass the returns, and demand a recount of the votes of the precinct in which it is claimed the vote was incorrectly counted.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016