Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3444 Biennial Election Of Trustees

48-3444. Biennial election of trustees

A. The regular election for trustees shall be held biennially on the third Wednesday in November next prior to the expiration of the regular term of the incumbent board. The election shall be held at a convenient place within the district, or in proximity thereto, to be determined by resolution of the board, after notice thereof posted in three conspicuous places within the district for ten days next preceding the election.

B. Prior to the time for posting election notices, the board shall appoint one inspector, one judge and one clerk, who shall constitute a board of election. If the board of trustees fails to appoint the election board, or if the persons appointed, or any of them, do not attend at the opening of the polls on the morning of the election, the electors present at that hour may appoint members to fill the vacancies. The board of trustees shall prescribe the form of ballot, poll lists and tally lists, and shall furnish the necessary number thereof for the conduct of the election.

C. The polls shall be opened at nine o'clock in the morning and shall remain open until four o'clock in the afternoon. Members of the election board may administer oaths in connection with the election substantially as required by law for elections in similar districts.

D. Every owner of land within the district shall be qualified to vote at the election and shall be entitled to cast one vote for each one-fifth acre of land owned by him.

E. The conduct of elections, the determination and certification of results and other details not specifically provided for in this section shall be substantially in accordance with the procedure prescribed in sections 48-2386 through 48-2389. The expense of the election shall be a district charge.

F. If for any reason an election is not held on the day appointed therefor, or any trustee fails to be elected, the board of supervisors upon petition of the owners of the majority of the acreage in the district shall appoint a trustee or trustees to fill the vacancy or vacancies. Until the appointment is made, the former trustee or trustees shall continue to hold the office or offices.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016