Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3447 Operation And Maintenance Of Water Delivery Works By District; Right Of Eminent Domain

48-3447. Operation and maintenance of water delivery works by district; right of eminent domain

A. Each landowner within the district shall immediately after the organization thereof place the ditch, pipe line or conduit and other facilities connected therewith through which irrigation water is delivered to his land, in fair condition. If no such ditch, pipe line or conduit exists he shall construct one at his own expense, together with the usual appurtenances thereto. Thereafter all ditches, pipe lines, conduits and other facilities shall be operated and maintained by the district.

B. If any landowner neglects or refuses to comply with this section, the delivery of water to his land may be refused until he complies, or the district may proceed to construct or repair the ditch, pipe line, conduit and other facilities, and the amount so expended by the district for the benefit of any landowner shall be assessed against the landowner and collected in addition to the charges for delivery of water.

C. The district may condemn rights of way for the purposes of this chapter as provided by the laws of the state relating to eminent domain.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016