Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3605 Assistance For Floodplain Delineations; Duties Of Director

48-3605. Assistance for floodplain delineations; duties of director

A. The director of water resources shall develop and adopt criteria for establishing the one hundred-year flood and delineating floodplains.

B. If a district is required to delineate a floodplain pursuant to section 48-3609 and the floodplain has not been delineated with sufficient accuracy to allow adoption of regulations pursuant to section 48-3609, the district may request the director for assistance in delineating the floodplain.

C. If sufficient monies have been appropriated, the director may either provide the engineering and technical services necessary to delineate the floodplains and floodway and determine water surface profile data associated with such delineations or disburse monies for such services to the requesting district.

D. If a district chooses to be reimbursed for costs incurred to have floodplains delineated after August 3, 1984, monies appropriated to the director shall be disbursed on order of the director after application by the district showing the necessity and purpose of the expenditures for which reimbursement is required.

E. The director may refuse to provide financial or technical assistance allowed by this section if, in the opinion of the director, such assistance is not necessary for the district to comply with section 48-3609.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016