Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3609.01 Watercourse Master Plans; Definition

48-3609.01. Watercourse master plans; definition

A. If a district organized pursuant to this chapter has completed a watercourse master plan which includes one or more watercourses, and if the plan has been adopted by the board or by any other jurisdiction in that river or drainage system, the board and the governing body of each jurisdiction may adopt and shall enforce uniform rules for that river or drainage system within the jurisdiction using criteria that meet or exceed criteria adopted by the director of water resources pursuant to section 48-3605, subsection A.

B. During the preparation of a watercourse master plan, record owners of real property in and immediately contiguous to the watercourse or watercourses included in the planning shall be publicly notified by the board or its agents so that the owners may have input to the planning process. In addition, aggregate mining operations recommendation committees organized pursuant to section 11-812, subsection D, if any, shall be notified.

C. All watercourse master plans shall consider recharge techniques including gabions, swales, dry wells, sand tanks and small dams.

D. This section does not apply to any city or town which has adopted a resolution assuming floodplain management and regulation within its area of jurisdiction as provided in section 48-3610 prior to July 1, 1990.

E. A district that has prepared a watercourse master plan for a river may participate in the planning, establishment and operation of a recreational corridor channelization district established pursuant to chapter 35 of this title.

F. For the purposes of this section, " watercourse master plan" means a hydraulic plan for a watercourse that examines the cumulative impacts of existing development and future encroachment in the floodplain and future development in the watershed on potential flood damages and that establishes technical criteria for subsequent development so as to minimize potential flood damages for all flood events up to and including the one hundred-year flood.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016