Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3611 Citizens' Flood Control Advisory Board; Qualification; Functions

48-3611. Citizens' flood control advisory board; qualification; functions

A. The board of directors may appoint a citizens' flood control advisory board consisting of seven members. Five members shall be resident taxpayers and qualified electors of the district, at least three of whom shall be residents of the cities in the district. At least one of the board members who are residents of cities shall be a resident of the largest city in the district. The city engineer of the largest city in the district and the chief engineer or manager of a major irrigation or agricultural improvement district, or their representatives, shall be ex officio members of the advisory board with all rights and privileges granted to other board members.

B. In appointing members of the advisory board the board of directors shall designate which appointive member shall serve for one year, which for two years, which for three years, which for four years and which for five years. Thereafter the term of each appointive member is five years except for a member appointed to an unexpired term.

C. The citizens' flood control advisory board may request information from the chief engineer and general manager and district staff, engineering personnel from cities in the district and any other person with a knowledge of flood control practices. They may recommend the employment of consultants for the purpose of obtaining technical information and recommendations regarding flood control and floodplain management practices.

D. The advisory board shall study the flood control, floodplain regulation, drainage and water conservation needs of the district, shall meet with and advise the board as requested by the board and may submit to the board reports and recommendations relating to such studies, but the recommendations are advisory only.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016