Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3616 Survey And Report Of Flood Control Problems And Facilities; Comprehensive Program; Adoption By Board; Hearing

48-3616. Survey and report of flood control problems and facilities; comprehensive program; adoption by board; hearing

A. After a flood control district has been established in a county having a population of over three hundred thousand persons according to the latest federal decennial census, the board shall cause the chief engineer to make or have made by the flood control engineer or by qualified private engineers a survey of the flood control problems of the district and to prepare a report describing existing flood control facilities in the area, recommendations as to cooperation between the district and the owner or owners of existing facilities, recommendations and a preliminary plan for the construction or other acquisition of facilities to carry out the purpose of the district, a description of the property proposed to be acquired or damaged in performing the work, a program for carrying out the regulatory functions, a map showing the district boundaries and location of the work proposed to be done and property taken or damaged, an estimate of the cost of the proposed work and such other things as the board of directors may request. Before submission to the board of directors the report shall be submitted to the citizens' advisory board if one is established for its review and recommendations. The report shall be prepared at least every five years beginning in 1985 and shall indicate the past efforts of the district in eliminating or minimizing flood control problems and state the planned future work of the district to eliminate or minimize flood control problems.

B. The chief engineer and his staff shall then prepare a comprehensive program of flood hazard mitigation, taking into consideration the recommendations submitted in the report. When a comprehensive program satisfactory to the board is available, the board shall tentatively adopt and schedule a public hearing on the program and the performance of the proposed work. The comprehensive program shall be reviewed and modified as necessary to reflect the past and future planned flood control works of the district. Notice of the hearing shall be given by publication once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the area of jurisdiction, the first of which shall be at least ten days before the date fixed for the hearing.

C. The chief engineer and his staff shall prepare and submit to the board a five year capital improvement program in a form approved by the board. The program and annual extensions shall be submitted to the board at least three months before the final date for submission of the annual budget. The program shall separately identify capital improvements for engineering, rights-of-way and land acquisition and construction with such supporting explanations, cost estimates and completion schedules as the board may require. The program shall be annually reviewed for endorsement by the citizens' advisory board if one is established.

D. After a flood control district has been established in a county with a population of fewer than three hundred thousand persons, the chief engineer may conduct a survey of flood control problems, prepare a comprehensive program for flood control and a five year capital improvement program pursuant to this section. He shall at least make an assessment of flood control problems in the area of jurisdiction and make an annual report of his findings and recommendations for dealing with them to the board.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016