Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-3612 Board Of Review

48-3612. Board of review

A. The board of directors may establish a board of review, which may be the advisory board or a committee of the advisory board to sit in review and make decisions as follows:

1. Interpret regulations adopted pursuant to this article if the meaning of a word, phrase or section is in doubt, if there is dispute between the appellant and district employees or if location of a floodway or floodplain is in doubt.

2. Allow variances from the terms or regulations adopted pursuant to this article to the extent permitted by section 48-3609, subsection B, paragraph 7 if, owing to peculiar conditions, a strict interpretation would work an unnecessary hardship and if in granting the variance the general intent and purposes of this article and the regulations will be preserved.

B. Appeals to the review board may be taken by any person who feels that there is error or doubt in the interpretation of the regulation or that due to unusual circumstances attaching to his property an unnecessary hardship is being inflicted on him. The appeal shall state whether it is a plea for an interpretation or a variance and the grounds for the appeal.

C. A person aggrieved in any manner by an action of the review board may within thirty days appeal to the district board.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016