Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-4471 Acquiring Water From District Members

48-4471. Acquiring water from district members

A. The district shall accept delivery, either directly or through exchange, from a district member of any of the following water that the district member is legally entitled to use for a non-irrigation purpose unless the district lacks sufficient capacity to accept delivery of the water or to replenish the water to the aquifer:

1. Central Arizona project water.

2. Colorado river water.

3. Effluent.

4. Groundwater withdrawn outside of the district.

5. Surface water pursuant to decreed or appropriative rights.

B. The district member shall pay any costs of acquiring the water delivered to the district under this section, including any amount due pursuant to its municipal and industrial water service subcontract with the United States and a multi-county water conservation district. The district member shall pay to the district any water acquisition costs incurred by the district in accepting delivery of the water and replenishing the water into the aquifer.

C. For each year in which the district accepts delivery of a portion of a district member's water pursuant to this section, the district shall issue credits to the member pursuant to section 48-4465 in an amount equal to the amount of the district member's water delivered to the district that will reach the aquifer pursuant to water storage undertaken pursuant to title 45, chapter 3.1.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016