Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-4473 Water Storage For District Members; Accounting; Fees And Charges

48-4473. Water storage for district members; accounting; fees and charges

A. If the board determines that water may be obtained in any year in excess of the amount of replenishment services pursuant to sections 48-4470, 48-4472 and 48-4501, the district may offer to store any portion of that excess water for any of the district members pursuant to title 45, chapter 3.

B. Water stored on behalf of a district member shall be credited to a long-term storage account maintained in the district member's name by the department pursuant to section 45-852.01.

C. The district shall apply to the director for the water storage permits as agent on behalf of each of its members pursuant to section 45-831.01 and shall file all reports, maintain all records and take any other action necessary to secure and maintain the water storage.

D. A district member shall pay the district such fees as the board determines are reasonable and necessary to establish and maintain the water storage for the district member. In addition, the district shall charge each district member that elects to have excess water stored on its behalf the water acquisition costs of water stored during the year in which the district stores the water for the district member.

E. If more than one district member elects to have excess water stored pursuant to this section, the district shall apportion the water available for storage among those district members in proportion to each member's total water demand in the past year, except that no more water may be stored for an individual member than that member specifically requests and pays for in that year.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016