Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-4834 Administrative Powers And Duties; Division Boundaries; Executive Director And Employees; Annual Report

48-4834. Administrative powers and duties; division boundaries; executive director and employees; annual report

A. The board shall:

1. Determine its organizational and procedural structure, adopt, amend or repeal bylaws, rules and forms consistent with the requirements of this chapter and prescribe a system of accounts.

2. Determine the boundaries of the divisions in the district that shall be numbered respectively divisions 1 through 11. After each United States decennial census the board shall define the boundaries and limits of each division and shall:

(a) Make the divisions equal or as nearly equal in population as is practicable, based on the census.

(b) Make the configuration of each division as compact as practicable consistent with equal population.

(c) Preserve existing communities of interest within the same division to the extent practicable.

(d) If possible, align the divisions over identified groundwater sub-basins and the division boundaries along existing voting precinct boundaries, survey lines or political or administrative boundaries.

B. The board may:

1. Manage, set policy and conduct the business and affairs of the district.

2. Make and execute all necessary contracts, including intergovernmental agreements pursuant to title 11, chapter 7, article 3.

3. Sue and be sued.

4. Adopt a seal for the district to be used to attest to documents.

5. Provide for payment of all debts and appropriate claims against the district from the appropriate funds.

6. Employ an executive director and such administrative, legal, engineering, accounting, clerical and other staff as may be necessary and prescribe the duties, terms and conditions of employment.

7. Retain outside professional services, including legal counsel.

8. Acquire suitable offices, furnishings and necessary equipment and supplies.

9. Perform all other acts necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

C. The board shall prepare and publish an annual report on or before December 1 each year containing a full and complete account of its transactions and proceedings for the preceding fiscal year and other facts and recommendations deemed to be of public value. This annual report may include and may be combined with the financial report prescribed by section 48-4888. The district shall make copies of the annual report available to the public on request.

D. All employees shall be selected on a nonpartisan basis according to their qualifications. The executive director shall serve at the pleasure of the board.

E. Immediately on organization, the permanent board shall initiate proceedings to determine the application of federal voting laws to the district and shall take any necessary action to comply with the applicable federal law.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016