Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-4851 Cooperation With Governmental Entities

48-4851. Cooperation with governmental entities

A. The district shall cooperate, coordinate and confer with the director of water resources, state agencies, other special districts, authorities and other political subdivisions of this state and the United States with respect to matters within their jurisdiction relating to augmenting water supplies of the active management area and developing state water plans.

B. In acquiring, constructing and operating projects, the district, consistent with the purposes and policies of this chapter, shall cooperate with established and existing organizations for use of or interconnection with suitable diversion, withdrawal, transportation, delivery, treatment, storage or recharge facilities.

C. Any operating unit, or combination of operating units, may request the district to exercise its powers and privileges in making any project or proposed project survey or investigation, or for assistance in initiating or completing any works or projects authorized by this chapter.

D. The district may act as:

1. A bargaining and negotiating agency on the request of an operating unit in transactions and dealings between the various departments of the federal government.

2. A connecting, intermediate or contracting medium for operating units when, for united or joint participation, such a medium is convenient or essential to the receipt, acceptance or enjoyment by the operating units of any financial proposals, grants or other benefits made available under any statute or by any entity.

3. A coordinating, clearing, administering or supervising instrumentality by and through which operating units may cooperate or unite through or by contracts or agreements in applying or pooling their resources, functional rights or privileges for common purposes contemplated under this chapter.

4. An agency to enhance the water supply for the active management area for purposes of section 45-576.

E. Operating units may enter into contracts, agreements and arrangements, including intergovernmental agreements under title 11, chapter 7, article 3, which may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this section. If convenient and essential to accomplish such purposes, the operating units and the district may associate themselves in a cooperative corporation under the incorporation laws of this state, and it is the duty of each party to do and perform all things on their respective parts under that association.

F. This section shall not be construed to alter any debt limitation of the operating units.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016