Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6401 Findings; Purpose

48-6401. Findings; purpose

A. The legislature finds that the upper San Pedro groundwater basin is a major source of water for the residents of Cochise county and for the personnel and operations of Fort Huachuca, and that Fort Huachuca and the residents of the basin are dependent on the withdrawal of water from wells for their water supply for drinking and other purposes. The legislature finds that conserving and maintaining the groundwater supply by adoption of this chapter will protect and promote the public's health and safety by helping to ensure a more reliable water supply.

B. The legislature further finds that maintaining the mission of Fort Huachuca will strengthen our national defense and ensure and improve the public safety of the residents of this state, and that the closure or significant reduction in the fort's mission would adversely impact the safety and security of the residents of this state and this nation. Because federal law requires consideration of certain water issues in evaluating the future of Fort Huachuca, ensuring the water supply to Fort Huachuca and its surrounding communities will further protect the public's safety.

C. The purpose of this chapter is to allow for the formation of the upper San Pedro water district consisting of a portion of the upper San Pedro groundwater basin that includes Fort Huachuca, the lands in the corporate limits of the cities of Sierra Vista and Tombstone and the town of Huachuca City and the portion of the city of Bisbee located in the upper San Pedro groundwater basin, but not any lands in Santa Cruz county or Pima county and not including that portion of the city of Bisbee located in the Douglas groundwater basin, and to provide the district with sufficient resources and authority to allow the district to achieve the goal prescribed in section 48-6403.

D. The upper San Pedro water district formed pursuant to this chapter is intended as a long-term, legally binding body with perpetual authority that is specifically adapted to the geographical and hydrological requirements and needs of the area in the district. The district shall be established with a specific water resource goal appropriate to that area.

E. The legislature finds that the adequate water supply requirements in section 48-6411 are necessary to assist the district in achieving its management goal and to protect the public health and safety in the district.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016