Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6405 Board; Members; Terms; Compensation

48-6405. Board; members; terms; compensation

A. Beginning thirty days after the date on which the board of directors is elected, the district shall be administered by a board of directors of seven persons who shall be qualified electors of the district.

B. A board of directors shall be elected as prescribed in this section. After the election and qualification of the first directors, the directors shall meet and divide themselves by lot into two classes as nearly equal in number as possible. Directors of the first class shall serve for a term of four years and directors of the second class shall serve for a term of two years. At each statewide general election thereafter, one director for each expired term shall be elected and shall hold office for a term of four years and until the director's successor is elected and qualified. Board members may be reelected.

C. A candidate for election to the board shall be nominated by a petition that is signed by at least two hundred qualified electors of the district and filed with the clerk of the board of supervisors or the elections officer of that county as prescribed by title 16, chapter 3.

D. Only qualified electors of the district shall vote at an election for directors.

E. A vacancy on the board shall be filled by appointment by the county board of supervisors to fill the unexpired portion of the term of office.

F. A person who is appointed as a director pursuant to this section is fully vested with the powers and duties of the office as if elected to that office, unless otherwise provided in this chapter.

G. Board members are not eligible to receive compensation but are eligible for reimbursement of actual and necessary expenses while engaged in official business under order of the board.

H. The board shall select a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary-treasurer.

I. Each board member shall qualify by taking and subscribing an official oath of office as prescribed by title 38.

J. Members of the board are public officers and are subject to all laws applicable to public officers. The provisions of title 38, chapter 3, article 8, relating to conflict of interest, apply to all board members, officers and employees of the district.

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