Arizona Revised Statutes § 48-6409 Water Development And Management; Technical Assistance And Review By Director Of Water Resources

48-6409. Water development and management; technical assistance and review by director of water resources

A. For purposes of achieving the goal of the district as described in section 48-6403, the district through its board shall do the following consistent with section 48-6410:

1. Modify the district's comprehensive plan at least every ten years to include measurable objectives to be met within ten years after the modification and to make any additional changes the board determines are necessary to achieve the goal of the district. The district shall consult with the director of water resources when developing the modifications to the plan.

2. Develop and implement, or enter into contracts, intergovernmental agreements or memoranda of understanding for, water conservation, reuse, recharge and augmentation programs to meet the goal of the district and the measurable objectives in the district's comprehensive plan.

3. Consult with, advise and cooperate with the director of water resources with respect to actions taken by the director that affect the water supply in the district, including the adoption of rules applicable to water use in the district.

B. The director may provide technical assistance to the board in carrying out its duties under this section and shall review and comment on any proposed modifications to the district's comprehensive plan.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016